First Youth Empowerment Night to offer teen fun

Credit: Andrew Grimm

Credit: Andrew Grimm

Teens won’t have a reason to complain there’s nothing to do on Saturday evening this weekend.

The first Youth Empowerment Night offers an evening of supervised fun and activities, 6-8 p.m. Saturday at the Courtyard by Marriott, 100 S. Fountain Ave. Admission is free and it is open to youths ages 13-18.

The event is presented by Oesterlen Services for Youth and Clark County Partners in Prevention.

Youth Empowerment Night was inspired when the groups found data that showed a lack of safe and healthy events for teens and young people. This is designed to show there are many things do without substances and alcohol.

“What we’re offering are fun, health alternatives to partying,” said Holly Brennan, director of development at Oesterlen.

The event will include a Silent Party, a unique way of listening to various music genres through headphones from DJ Chill, a photo booth with 360 picture ability, food, raffle prizes and vendors with information.

Youth Empowerment Night is made possible from a Governor’s Office for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Stigma Reduction Expansion Grant. The presenting groups also teamed earlier this year to produce the play “Attention Must Be Paid” that told a cautionary story of how substance abuse can affect lives through the performing arts.

Brennan said this is the first event of its kind Oesterlen has presented. The organization is working to establish more presence in the community beyond the services on its Mechanicsburg Road campus, where it offers things people may not be aware of including foster care, respite care, therapy services and parenting groups.

“We would love to be involved in other positive activities that show our community you can have substance-free fun,” she said.

Early registration for Youth Empowerment Night is encouraged. To register, go to Oesterlen’s Facebook page at

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