DeWine to call for improvements to Ohio’s child welfare system

Gov. Mike DeWine Wednesday will detail his plans for improving Ohio’s foster care and child protective services system.

The Republican governor said he wants to preserve local control over the system but make certain everyone follows best practices. He said he wants the state to increase specialized training for case workers within the child welfare system.

“The child welfare system really depends on the local case workers. Many times we find these case workers have a huge case load. The ratio is just very, very difficult or impossible for that case worker to do what they need to do,” DeWine said. “We also have a high burnout rate, which is very understandable based upon the work that they’re doing.”

The state of Ohio increased funding for local child welfare programs but the governor said the state needs to do more.

DeWine said he’ll call for improvements in recruiting foster parents, including by increasing the voice foster parents have within the system.

DeWine said he will detail a preliminary report on children’s services on Wednesday and talk about it further in his State of the State address.

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