Clark County man sentenced in shooting over alleged stolen shoes

A 23-year-old Clark County man accused of shooting a person after an argument over shoes that were allegedly stolen was sentenced to nine years in prison.

Jacob Mott received a six-year sentence for felonious assault and three years for a gun specification.

The victim was out with his girlfriend in September when the victim approached him about the stolen shoes, according to an affidavit.

“He advised (the victim) was trying to start an argument with him over some stolen shoes that happened six years ago,” the affidavit said. “Jacob stated his friends got him out of the bar but then (the victim) started calling his phone.”

Mott reportedly gave the victim his address and told him to come to his house if he wanted to talk about the shoes more.

When Mott and his girlfriend got back to his home, two cars were waiting, according to the affidavit.

Mott reportedly told his girlfriend to leave and went inside to get a gun.

Once outside, he confronted the victim and they started fighting, according to the affidavit.

“He stated they both started fighting in the roadway and both pushed each other against one of the cars. He stated as he was falling to the ground, he pulled his firearm,” the affidavit said. “Jacob stated once on the ground, (the victim) was grabbing him and trying to grab his gun. He stated he did not know the gun went off until he heard (the victim) screaming and holding his side.”

The victim survived the shooting, but had to have surgery.

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