Cloudy, calm today; Rain, snow before dawn Sunday

After a drizzly and windy night, today will be cloudy, cool and calm, with a high around 41 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

Overnight, temperatures will dip but not very far to a low of around 35 degrees. Starting a bit before midnight the NWS predicts a spike in rain chances, which will mostly drop away again in the pre-dawn hours. We will also see a chance of snow mixing in the few hours before the sun comes up at around 8 a.m.

After rain and snow chances fall away in the first morning hours, Sunday will seem similar to Saturday, with cloudy skies and a high near 40 degrees, although we will see some more light wind.

Sunday night temperatures will fall a little further to around 30 degrees as clouds begin to break up.

By Monday morning, skies will be only partly cloudy, with the cloud cover continuing to decrease throughout the day. High temperatures will be around 44 degrees.

Monday night we will see some more clouds, as temperatures fall to around 31 degrees.

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