Clark County Municipal Court cases

Cases called include:

William L. Haney, 51, of New Carlisle, receiving stolen property, innocent, continued, bond $1,500.

James F. Henry II, 41, of 215 Fair St, domestic violence, continued, PD. appointed, no contact cond of bond, bond $10,000.

Jayvon L. Hutchins, 30, of 1538 W. Clark St., criminal damaging, innocent, continued, OR bond.

Sean M. Lollis, 53, of 123 E. Grand Ave., domestic violence, continued, PD. appointed, no-contact condition of bond, bond $10,000.

Cortney J. Martz, 36, of 553 Stanton Ave., criminal damaging, innocent, continued, PD. appointed.

Tiffany D. Parker, 30, of Urbana, child endangering, guilty, guilty, 180 days of jail with 180 days suspended, 180 days jail, suspended on no offenses involving, alcohol, drugs or her children prior to 10/8/2021, assessed costs $100, child endangering, guilty, dismissed.

Deborah S. Colquitt, 63, of 23 E. Southern Ave., violation of TPO, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Aaron K. Cooper, 35, of 1603 S. Yellow Springs St., request for bail, dismissed, request for bail, dismissed, request for bail, dismissed.

Mark E. Fairchild, 22, of New Carlisle, OVI, dismissed - prosecutor request, DUS, dismissed - prosecutor request, two lights, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Scott A. Finfrock, 62, of Dayton, domestic violence, dismissed - prosecutor request, assault, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Joseph Fritz, 50, of 3392 Johnson Rd., OVI, continued, failure to drive on right, dismissed, operating w/o use all s/b, dismissed.

Joseph C. Fritz, 50, of 3392 Johnson Rd., DUS OVI suspension, dismissed - prosecutor request.

James Moore, 57, of 1582 E. Main St., theft, dismissed - prosecutor request.

Timothy A. Shinn, 46, of 1015 Lagonda Ave., DUS, dismissed, FTSSA, guilty, 180 days of jail, 6 months of DL suspension, 180 days jail, subject to review, traffic signal, dismissed.

Anthony Ehlinger, 9, of 2315 Tavenner Ave., burglary, continued, PD appointment.

Joel T. Salyer, 37, of 558 E. Northern Ave., criminal trespass, continued, PD. appointed.

Matthew C. Crable, 33, of 2680 E. High St., violation of TPO reduced to disorderly, guilty, 20 days of jail, 2 days credit for time served, fined $200.

Anthony Ehlinger, of 2315 Tavenner Ave., burglary, continued, PD. appointed.

Anthony G. Ehlinger, 25, of 2315 Tavenner Rd., theft, continued, PD appointed, criminal trespass, continued, PD. appointed

Shawna M. Rinehart, 45, of Trotwood, OVI, guilty, 12 months of DL suspension, 3 days of jail, 3 days credit for time served, no ALS., 90 days to pay fine and costs, fined $500.

Drema D. Smith, 46, of 2212 Greenknoll Dr., OVI, bench warrant ordered, parking, bench warrant ordered.

Tara M. Trenner, 40, of 2914 Poplar, DUI, continued, OVI/breath, dismissed.

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