Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

Michelle M. Cunningham, 54, of Springfield, clerk and Jerry G. Nunley, 77, of Springfield, retired.

Jacob R. Bishop, 21, of Springfield, student and Mahala M. J. Tolliver, 22, of New Carlisle, teacher.

Whitney K. Garrett, 32, of Springfield, LPN and Eric D. Dukes, Sr., 33, of Springfield, safety and security.

Dana Lee-William Searls, 35, of Springfield, package handler UPS and Megan A. L. M. Hogan, 31.

Chante J. Deyo, 34, of Springfield and Harley G. A. Dixon, 30, of Springfield.

Mikilin T. McBrayer, 34, of Springfield, supervisor and Jessica M. F. Rhoads, 37, of Springfield, chem. dep. counselor.

Leyenne A. Davis, 27, of Springfield, social service designee and Triston D. Rowland, 28, of Springfield, fiberoptic lineman.

Marcus A. Adkins, 28, of South Charleston, mechanic and Shelby P. Puckett, 25, of South Charleston, registered nurse.

Property transfers:

Ceretha I. Foster to Angel Porcayo, 1266 S. Yellow Springs St., Springfield; $44,000.

Jazz Up Indy Inc. to SMG Global Concepts LLC, 401 N. Western Ave., Springfield; none.

Kathy S. Shreve to Phillip Burgstaller, 1411 Lamar Drive, Springfield; none.

Antonio C. Cabalu Jr. to Elsie Bernard, 114 Seever St., Springfield; $58,000.

Rita Jobe to Keith Jobe, 2517 Leland Drive, Springfield; $57,000.

Theresa M. Rollins to Constance Alexiades and Mark A. Brown, 778 Bellevue Ave., Springfield; $65,000.

Tina Jones to Kathy Davidson, 2514 Beatrice St., Springfield; $129,000.

Jeffrey B. and Holly E. Payne to Melanie Fox, 112 Willis Ave., Springfield; $130,000.

Becky J. Dinnen to Mercedes Burr, 1840, 1852, 1910 N. Belmont Ave., Springfield; $69,000.

Jeffery S. Daniel to Jeffery S. Daniel and Teresa Greene, 1909 Mechanicsburg Road, Springfield; none.