Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

22CV0412: Bankunited N.A. v. Clark County Treasurer, Sean Winders, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Sean Winders, foreclosure.

22CV0413: Bank of America N.A. v. Connie Bentley, Phillip Bentley, Clark County Treasurer, United States of America Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, foreclosure.

22CV0414: Capital Auto Credit LLC v. Dustin Johnson, breach of contract.

22CV0415: New Day Financial, LLC v. Clark County Treasurer, Jeremy Snyder, Unknown Spouse, if any, of Jeremy Snyder, foreclosure.

22CV0416: Capital Auto Credit, LLC v. Jeffery Franklin, breach of contract.

22CV0417: Wayne Gibson, Deborah Manning v. Eric Bartley, Clark County Treasurer, Unknown Spouse of Eric Bartley, Unknown Tenants, foreclosure.

22CV0418: Douglas Rice v. Hoffman Dan, breach of contract.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Amanda Rockfield, 34, of Springfield, code blue and James Keeton, 41, of Springfield, cascade.

Property transfers:

Genesis 7 Properties Limited to Jennifer Lynn and Johnathan David Rodgers, 1728 Union Road, Medway; $365,000

Robert L. Richardson to Benjamin Williams, 3827 Cloverdale Road, Medway; $60,000

Clark County Land Reutilization to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton Inc., 4450 Penny Pike, Springfield; no fee

Barbara G. Hart to Jose Antonio Davila, 1646 Ballentine Pike, Springfield; $24,000

Sterling T. Shoemaker to Celeste Regoli and Sterling T. Shoemaker, 11 Collins Ave., South Charleston; no fee

Erin Thomas to Bonnie Lewis and Kevin S. Seibert, 210 Grand Valley Dr., Enon; $285,000

Wendy Jo and Timothy D. George Jr., to Douglas A. Grimes, 4703 Merrimont Ave., Springfield; $194,000

Christina Webster to Kyle A. McClain, 4807 Lehigh Dr., Springfield; $181,500

Joseph S. Carty to Sharon Carty, 4815 Ridgewood Road W., Springfield; no fee

Linda L. and Tommy J. Crow to Linda L. Crow, 5317 Ridgewood Road W., Springfield; no fee