Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

21CV0194: Shanda L. Brown v. Jacqueline E. Arnott, personal injury

21CV0195: US Bank National Association v. Jean L. Powell, action for money

21CV0196: US Bank National Association v. Gayle E. Kelleher, action for money

21CV0197: US Bank National Association v. Brandon M. Gaston, action for money

21CV0198: Bruce M. Kelley, Jr. v. Kathryn E. Brame; Clark County Treasurer; KeyBank NA; unknown spouse, heirs, legatees, executors, administrators and asigns of Kathryn E. Brame, quiet title

21CV0199: WeBanco Bank Inc. v. John Lapois and The Diesel Doctor, cognovit judgment

21CV0200: US Bank National Association v. Connie L. Powell, the unknown spouse of Powell, Clark County Treasurer, foreclosure

21CV0201: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation v. Clark County Treasurer, Fifth Third Bank National Association, Fifth Third Bank (Western Ohio), Joshua J. Ostot, Zayne E. Ostot, Traci Schommer, the unknown spouse of Joshua J. Otstot, the unknown spouse of Zayne E. Ostot, the unknown spouse of Traci Schommer, State of Ohio Department of Taxation, Wilmington Savings Fund Society as owner Trustee of Aspen G3 Trust, foreclosure

21CV0202: Stephen A. Lengen v. SSBC Inc., John Lougue Administrator of Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation, workers comp appeal

All filings are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

Corinne R. Hobbs to Gregory W. Speakman, 6691 Southern Vista Dr., Enon; $150,000

Angela M. Fox to Alissa D. and Jayson L. Chapman, 4494 Blough Dr., Enon; $137,000

Margaret R. and John C. Parr Jr., to Margaret R. Parr, 2144 Willow Run Cir., Enon; no fee

Dawn Ann Parsons to Kristin and John W. Rouse Jr., 77 S. Pleasant St., Enon; $106,000

Stephen T. and Lorrie B. Lawson to Benjamin Seitz, 30 S. Harrison St., Enon; $135,900

Sandra K. and Garner J. Back to Zachary R. and Leeann R. Clos, 204 Sunny Brook Trl., Enon; $158,000

Charles E. and Laurie A. Nevius to Kody J. and Karly R. Lochner, 4836 Ashley Dr., Springfield; $165,000

Lydia A. Pizner to Stephon T. Arnold and Betty M. Williams, 1820 Sierra Ave., Springfield; $195,000

Debora S. Slaight to Kathleen M. Jordan and David D. Douthy, 1515 McGillivray Ave., Springfield; $173,000

James C. Davis to Julie L. Logghe and James C. Davis, 4227 Anoka St., Springfield; no fee

Scott M. Naill to Julie Valentine, 836 Trent Cl., Springfield; $212,000

Donald R. and Patricia A. Whipp to Donald R. Whipp, 5514 Ridgewood Road W., Springfield; no fee

Tondalaya A. Hartman and Scott Watamura to Toria Ryan Trustee, Urbana Road Rear, Springfield; no fee

David L. and Tracy R. Wilson to Bobby G. and Linda D. Adkins, 2663 Myers Road, Springfield; $335,000

Brad L. and Michelle L. Griffith to Brad L. Griffith, 2763 Spence Road, New Carlisle; no fee

Nancy J. and Jeffery A. Moore to Jacob D. and Sarah Marie Jones, 9797 Detrick-Jordan Pike, New Carlisle; $350,000

Ruth Gheen Miller to Robert Branham, 10322 Detrick-Jordan Pike, New Carlisle; $125,000

Jacob Clever to Mark R. and Vicki E. Nelson, 2767 Quail Ridge Dr., New Carlisle; $305,000

Eric Glenn and Jennifer L. Davis to Kailin A. and James V. Olderham III, 111 S. Main St., North Hampton; $175,000