Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

Kurtis Triplett, 33, of Springfield, firefighter/paramedic and Andrea McCreary, 33, of Springfield, BSN.

Chip Smith, 36, of Springfield, quality inspector and Sara Crace, 36, of Springfield, homemaker.

Bradley Stepp, 32, of Springfield, owner and Patricia Williams, 34, of Springfield, stay at home.

Current cases:

22CV0065: Springfield Twp. Zoning Inspector vs. John Booth, preliminary and permanent injunction.

22CV0066: Dennis Floss, Thomas Robinson, Penny Sam vs. Steven Conkel, MD, Richard Nedleman, MD, Ohio Valley Medical Center LLC, complaint for damages.

All cases are up-to-date.

Property transfers:

Carrol S. Hunter to Robert L. Vanhoose Jr., 9055 New Carlisle Pike, New Carlisle; no fee

Gary W. and Linda K. Smith to Gary W. Smith, 10385 Milton-Carlisle Road, New Carlisle; no fee

Peter and Geraldine Unitt to Geraldine Unitt, 104 S. Park Dr., Medway; no fee

Janet L. and Charles O. Farris to Janet L. and Charles O. Farris III Trustee, 623 Brumbaugh Dr., New Carlisle; no fee

Gregory and Ellen Reed to Harriett Ashley and Cory Reed, 628 Colony Trail, New Carlisle; no fee

Adam Clough to Adam L. and Christa Clough, 101 Cory St., New Carlisle; no fee

David Price to Jennifer L. Hilty, 204 S. Church St., New Carlisle; $74,000

Ronald L. Wilson to Shawn Meyers, 1201 W. Lake Ave., New Carlisle; $180,000

Sharon A. House to Craig House, 707 W. Lake Ave., New Carlisle; no fee

Beverly J. and Steve J. Dalton to Saul A. M. Yeargan, 22 W. Main St., Donnelsville; $122,500

Noel Coy to David A. and Cynthia A. Page, 3977 Saint Paris Pike, Springfield; $126,000

Jason Walls to Jason and Janey Walls, 3998 Pinewood Ave., Springfield; no fee

Teresa L. and Richard A. Drummond to Richard A. Drummond, 5190 S. Pitchin Road, Springfield; no fee