Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Marriage licenses:

Chad Cline, 36, of Springfield, clerk and Jennifer Stovall, 41, of Springfield, carrier.

Mark Ailiff Jr., 29, of Springfield, picker and Tabitha Taylor, 23, of Springfield, packer.

Terry Sieveking Jr., 44, of Springfield, manufacturing and Amanda Little, 41, of Montevallo, AL., homemaker.

Property transfers:

Nancy Sue Smith to Lana Suzette Cortina and Charles Paul Smith, 5500 Enon-Xenia Road, Fairborn; no fee

Lana Suzette Cortina and Charles Paul Smith to Timothy L. and Tammy M. Turner, 5500 Enon-Xenia Road, Fairborn; $266,500

Dave and Katherine Abbitt to Katherine Abbitt, 5756 Hillgrove Cir, Fairborn; no fee

Lewis Construction Inc., to Laura Cathcart, 7449 Timbercross Ave., Fairborn; $54,900

Antonio and Alice L. Laino Trustees to Theresa Hartley Trustee, 4096 Raymond Dr., Enon; no fee

William S. Johnson to Robert Johnson, 8210 Philadelphia Dr., Fairborn; $130,000

Mary A. Kianka to Christopher Anthony and Cheryl Lynn Reese, 7046 Creekside Cir., Fairborn; $263,000

Timothy L. Arndts and John W. Edwards to Timothy L. Arndts, 6285 Manete St., Springfield; no fee

Jerry A. Howard to JA Howard Trucking Inc., 10955 Haddix Road, Fairborn; no fee

Michael Larry Stillman to Brandon L. Doakes, Grand Valley Dr., Enon; $42,500

Mary K. Colwell and Katheryn Sue Arnold to Katheryn Sue Arnold, 140 Maricopa Cir., Enon; no fee

Phillip and Cathy L. Suttles to Jacob Ray Hamilton, 5081 E. County Line Road, Springfield; $157,400

John D. and Rose M. Cox to John D. Cox, 3947 Kimberly Dr., Springfield; no fee

Debra J. and Robert M. Neidigh Jr., to Hurston E. and Florence E. Bills, 4604 Reno Lane, Springfield; $96,000

James R. and Sandra S. Holzworth to Deborah K. Hastings, 1780 Willow Ridge Ct., Springfield; $220,000

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