Clark County Common Pleas Court cases

Current cases:

24CV0407: America First Credit Union v. Scott Allen Caudill, replevin.

All cases are up-to-date.

Marriage licenses:

Brian Scott Forbes, 47, of Springfield, parole officer, and Jennifer Marie Sahntie, 39, of Springfield, RN.

Cameron Lawrence Yarge Johnson, 24, of New Carlisle, Autozone commercial sal, and Allison Hope Veskauf, 23, of New Carlisle, teacher.

Courtney Noelle Weaver, 24, of Fairborn, worship leader, and Joshua Josiah Brand, 24, of Grayson, Kentucky, youth minister.

James Lee Beverly Jr., 21, of Springfield, USMC, and Michelle Michael Joseph, 20, of Springfield, waitress.

Vincent Todd Lockhart, 60, of Springfield, estimator, and Sherry Ann Glenn, 59, of Springfield, LPN.

Alison Nicole Schroeder, 28, of Springfield, stockroom lead, and Mitchell Stephen Etapa, 34, of Kettering, concrete laborer.

Myra Faye Hays, 29, of Springfield, RN, and Ricky Joe Canterberry, 27, of Springfield, HVAC technician.

Property transfers:

T & S Property Management Services LTD to Justin S. and Heather N. Hambrick, 916 Mavor St., Springfield; $99,000.

Three Dogs Properties LLC to Brenda G. Perkins, 221 N. Douglas Ave., Springfield; $98,500.

Audrey A. Moffitt to Jeremy K. Smith, 2719 Maplewood Ave., Springfield; $0.

Camelab LLC to Pablo Estupinan, 713-715 Southfield Ave., Springfield; $50,000.

Susan Miloradovich to Kathy and Dustin Owens, 733-735 Mansfield Ave., Springfield; $54,900.

Deanna L. Jaynes to Deanna L. Jaynes, 1431 Mound St., Springfield; $0.

Profit Making Ventures LLC to Pierre L. Chavannes, 1507 Mound St., Springfield; $56,000.

Aaron C. Howard to Aaron Swigart and Rosa E. Laurel Jimenez, 933 Oak St., Springfield; $75,000.

John George to David L. Billet, 762 E. Southern Ave., Springfield; $0.

Timothy A. Tyree to Roger A. Howard Sr., 1175 Delta Road, Springfield; $68,000.

Audrey A. Moffitt to Jeremy K. Smith, 1821, 1837, 1847 Columbus Ave., Springfield; $0.

Deborah A. Sample to Cayla A. Moore and Troy A. Bailey, 1039 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; $0.

Terri Acton to Mikaela A. Prescott, 1718 Summit St., Springfield; $100,000.

Rachael L. Powell to Quinn G. and Megan Ferrell, 1725 Hillside Ave., Springfield; $95,000.

T & S Property Management Services LTD to Michael Walters, 910-912 Mitchell Blvd., Springfield; $122,400.

The Ashgard Group LLC to Ibenia L. Guevara, 136 Prairie Ave., Springfield; $40,500.

Carol A. Storer, trustee to Matt Miller, 316 S. Wittenberg Ave., Springfield; $18,000.

Craig M. Bates to Filemon G. M. and Aricelda Perez, 557 E. McCreight Ave., Springfield; $80,000.

Paul R. and Jennifer Hypes to Jennifer Hypes, 516 E. Cecil St., Springfield; $0.

Michael Talbert to David B. and Joy Galluch, 111 W. Harding Road, Springfield; $79,900.

Torie L. Nier to Torie and Steven L. Nier, 329 Glendale Drive, Springfield; $0.

Roger L. Baker to Bart C. James, trustee, 25 Englewood Road, Springfield; $145,000.

Scott J. and Jennifer E. Robinson to Dustin and Alona Lyons, 40 E. Harding Road, Springfield; $174,800.

Shanna Huslig to Zachary and Breann N. Baugh, 1628 N. Fountain Blvd., Springfield; $310,000.

Timothy A. Copley Jr. to David R. and Ann R. Groeing, 2139 Katherine Blvd., Medway; $300,000.

First Baptist Church of New Carlisle to Julianne C. and Christopher Howell, 9555 New Carlisle Pike, New Carlisle; $155,000.

Lowell W. and Cindi M. Watson to Stacey and David M. Hensley, 2581 Lake Road, Medway; $280,000.

Stella M. Bilyeu to Triforce Living LLC, 23 Elm Road, Medway; $64,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Aveyard Paul Rentals LLC, 289 Lancer St., New Carlisle; $96,200.

Brandon Curtis to Rodz Builders LLC, 618 Bowser Drive, New Carlisle; $26,000.

Monroe Angela LLC to Shantel M. Burnett Wheeler, 3763 Cloverdale Road, Medway; $185,000.

Buster Hale to Sherry Kistler, 3926 Tomahawk Drive, Medway; $190,000.