Cascade Brewing’s specialty beers coming to Dayton

The beers of Portland, Oregon-based specialty craft brewer Cascade Brewing are headed to the Dayton and southwest Ohio market.

Cascade's tart, barrel-aged beers are part of a "niche market," and while they're "are not for everyone," they are part of an emerging style that is gaining in popularity, Aaron Spoores, statewide sales manager for Cavalier Distributing, told us.

“Cascade is the epitome of ‘craft’ brewing,” Spoores said. “They are one of the first key players in barrel souring, and their focus is on complexity of barrel aging, fruit, wild yeast and experimentation.”

Cascade’s beers have aggressive tart notes that are balanced by residual sugars, fruits, spices and the oak imparted by barrel aging, Cavalier officials said. The brewery’s beers are expected to arrive in May.