Today is Tax Day. Many Ohioans won’t make the deadline.

Today is Tax Day.

It’s the last day for people to file their state income tax returns, unless they have received a filing extension from the IRS. However, that does not apply to taxpayers who owe.

The state started accepting 2018 state income tax returns on Jan. 28th. Paper tax returns will be considered received on time if postmarked by today’s date (April 15).

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There were about 5.68 million state returns filed for tax year 2017, which were due last year.

More than 738,000 state returns (13 percent of the total) were filed after deadline, which puts people at risk of financial penalties.

Taxpayer who file late and do not pay what they owe can incur a penalty that is the greater of 35 percent of the tax due or $500, said Gary Gudmundson, communications director for the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Through April 5, the state had 3.83 million income tax returns filed. More than 88 percent of Ohioans file electronically, the state said.

In addition to state and federal taxes, many people have to file local income tax returns as well.

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