Arizona man accused of strangling cat, injuring kitten

Credit: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Credit: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

A 23-year-old Arizona man is accused of animal cruelty after he admitted to strangling a cat and disfiguring a kitten in the same week two years ago, the Arizona Republic reported.

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According to court records, Bryce Justin Beaumont, of Tempe, was arrested May 17. He is accused of choking his cat, Nyx, with both hands, in October 2017, KNXV reported

According to police, Beaumont said he “looked the cat in the eyes and choked it," and “felt a high or excitement,” while assaulting the feline, the television station reported.

Beaumont originally said he found the cat dead on the bathroom floor. He took the corpse to the Humane Society to dispose of it, the Republic reported. While there, Beaumont met a man who had found a kitten and offered to take the animal, named Sophie, the newspaper reported.

Police said a few days later, Beaumont allegedly grabbed the front leg of Sophie, squeezed and twisted the kitten's leg until it broke, KNXV reported.

Sophie's leg was later amputated, and the kitten was put up for adoption, police said.

Beaumont is due in court Thursday, the Republic reported.

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