Ohio surpasses 9,000 daily COVID cases for first time since January

For the first time since January, Ohio reported more than 9,000 daily cases of COVID-19.

The state recorded 9,019 cases in the last day, according to the Ohio Department of Health. The last time Ohio surpassed 9,000 cases the state was during the state’s winter surge.

Friday’s daily cases is more than 1,000 cases more than 7,897 cases reported on Thursday, which was the state’s previous 21-day high.

In the last three weeks, Ohio is averaging 5,258 cases a day, according to ODH. It’s averaging 6,355 cases a day in the last week.

Ohio reported 134 deaths Friday, the most reported in the last three weeks. Death data can fluctuate because other states don’t regularly report death certificates to Ohio’s Bureau of Vital Statistics.

The day a death is reported does not reflect the day the death occurred.

More than 3,000 people were hospitalized in Ohio with COVID-19 for the fourth day in a row. The state had more than 800 COVID patients in its ICUs for the fifth day in a row Friday.

Coronavirus patients accounted for 3,234 hospital beds (12%) and 899 ICU beds (18.78%) in Ohio. The state has 5,860 hospital beds (21.8%) and 1,032 ICU beds (21.56%) open, according to ODH.

In the last day, Ohio has recorded 261 hospitalizations and 19 ICU admissions. Ohio is averaging 185 hospitalizations a day and 18 ICU admissions a day in the last three weeks.

More than half of Ohioans have started the coronavirus vaccine as of Friday, including 63.74% of adults and 61.58% of those 12 and older.

Nearly 48.75% of residents have completed the vaccine, with 59.22% of adults vaccinated and 56.94% of people 12 and older, according to ODH.

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