No plan for expelling Larry Householder from the Ohio General Assembly

State Rep. Larry Householder — who’s been indicted on federal corruption charges in an alleged bribery scheme — isn’t at risk of being expelled from the Ohio House anytime soon.

House Speaker Bob Cupp, R-Lima, said he’s still taking the temperature of House Republicans about whether Householder should remain in the Legislature.

“There isn’t any timetable. We’re still consulting with members. I’d just reiterate that my personal position is the honorable thing for him to do would be resign,” Cupp said on Wednesday.

Householder, who attended voting session Wednesday, has pleaded not guilty to racketeering in what federal prosecutors describe as a $60 million bribery scheme involving dark money and a $1.3 billion bailout for utilities. He has said he will be vindicated.

After Householder’s arrest by FBI agents in July, lawmakers removed the Perry County Republican as speaker. Cupp said at the time that an expulsion vote could only happen once and since Householder was running unopposed for re-election, it behooved the House to play that card after Householder was re-elected.

House Republicans held a two-day retreat last week but did not discuss Householder, according to multiple lawmakers.

Last year, the House failed to repeal or replace House Bill 6, the bailout law at the center of the public corruption case. Cupp said lawmakers will continue to work on the issue. “It’d be really nice to be able to resolve that fairly soon,” he said.

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