Issue 1: Today is the deadline to register for Aug. 8 vote

Registration deadline Monday; early voting begins Tuesday



Voters looking to participate in the Aug. 8 single-issue statewide election on Issue 1 need to register before the Monday deadline. Early voting begins Tuesday.

Already-registered Ohioans do not need to update their registration unless they’ve moved. If you’re unsure of your registration status, you can check it at the Secretary of State’s voter lookup website.

You can register through the Ohio’s official online portal, by mail, or through your local county board of election. In Montgomery County, people can register at local libraries, public offices, license bureaus, public high schools or the board of elections itself. Check with your local board to confirm your options.

In order to register, Ohioans need to provide their name, date of birth, last four digits of their Social Security number and the card number on either their Ohio driver’s license or Ohio identification card.

The Aug. 8 election is uncommon in the election cycle and was brought forth by the Ohio General Assembly to vote on Issue 1, a constitutional amendment that would make it harder to amend the constitution in the future.

A ‘yes’ vote on Issue 1 would approve the following changes:

  • Raising the vote percentage necessary to pass a state constitutional amendment to 60% (up from the current simple majority requirement).
  • Requiring petitioners to meet signature gathering quotas in all 88 Ohio counties in order to get a citizen-initiated amendment on the ballot (up from the current 44 county requirement).
  • Eliminating the 10-day “cure period,” which allows petitioners 10 days to collect more signatures in the event that they missed the quota after signatures were verified by local boards of elections.

Nothing else will be voted on on Aug. 8.

Issue 1′s official ballot language can be found on the Secretary of State’s website, along with official arguments for and against the measure, written by lawmakers.

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