Cold cases: 11 oldest unsolved homicides in the Dayton region

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) provides a database resource to help local law enforcement agencies resolve unsolved homicides. Through this database, BCI provides details and photos related to unsolved homicides.

The topic is in the news because the Dayton Police Department recently revamped its cold case unit and is looking into cases like that of North E. Woodall, a veteran of three wars who was killed in his Dayton home in July 2009.

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BCI defines an unsolved homicide as a homicide or questionable death that remains unsolved after being reported to law enforcement and for which there are no apparent viable leads.

Jessica Minter

Incident date: June 30, 1964

Incident location: Lawrenceville

Description from BCI: On June 30, 1964, 15-year-old Jessica Minter died of multiple stab wounds in the living room of the Minter home located at 2801 Anita Drive.

Anita Taylor

Incident date: Oct. 29, 1966

Incident location: 415 Ludlow Avenue, Springfield

Description from BCI: On Oct. 29, 1966, at approximately 1:35 a.m., Taylor was found on her bedroom floor at 415 Ludlow Avenue. She was found by her husband as he returned from work. She had been severely beaten and appeared to have been raped. Her 18-month-old baby was in a separate bedroom and was badly beaten. The back door of the residence was ajar. The baby would later recover from his physical injuries. Taylor was pronounced dead of her injuries upon arrival at a local hospital.

Jeanne Melville

Incident date: Oct. 11, 1970

Incident location: Darke County

Description from BCI: On Oct. 11, 1970, the body of a female was found in a corn field in Darke County. She was believed to be a white female 23-34 years of age. She was found wearing a red hair wig. If you have any information about this case, please contact Miami Valley Crime Stoppers at 937-222-STOP, 1-800-637-5375 or This woman was later identified as Jeanne Marie Melville from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Raymond Springer

Incident date: July 11, 1972

Incident location: Madden Park, Dayton

Description from BCI: Raymond Springer, aka “Jabo,” was shot and killed in Madden Park in Dayton on July 11, 1972 at approximately 8:30 p.m. Springer may have been at the park with other people who saw what happened and left the scene prior to police arrival. If you have any information about this case, please contact Miami Valley Crime Stoppers at 937-222-STOP, 1-800-637-5375 or

Gloria Buck, Tracy Buck and Scott Buck

Incident date: Jan. 15, 1973

Incident location: 2020 Arthur Avenue, Harrison Township

Description from BCI: On Jan. 15, 1973, Gloria Buck, 26, along with her 6-year-old Tracy Buck and 5-year-old son Scott Buck were found murdered inside their residence by a neighbor.

Bobby Waymire

Incident date: Oct. 23, 1972

Incident location: Haddix Road 1.4 miles West of State Route 444, Fairborn

Description from BCI: Bobby Ann Waymire was found Oct. 23, 1972 along Haddix Road, just inside Clark County. She had been strangled, and her body was dumped along side of the road. She was last seen by her boyfriend the night before at his residence. The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has followed up on numerous leads involving this case but have never been able to identify a suspect. Anyone with information pertaining to this investigation is asked to call the Clark County Sheriff’s Office at 937-328-2560.

Marvin King

Incident date: Jan. 25-26, 1973 (approximate)

Incident location: West Possom Road near Rebert Pike, Springfield

Description from BCI: On Jan. 25, 1973, 12-year-old Marvin (Beau) King was reported missing from his mobile home on Upper Valley Pike. On Jan. 26th, 1973 an anonymous caller reported to the Springfield News-Sun and St. Mary’s School that a body would be found in a field/ditch near the intersection of Springfield/Xenia Road at Rebert Pike. Clark County Sheriff’s detectives searched the area and later found the body of King. An autopsy found that he had been strangled.

Linda Dearth

Incident date: Jan. 25, 1973

Incident location: 312 North Diamond Mill Road, Montgomery County

Description from BCI: On Jan. 25, 1973, 13-year-old Linda Sue Dearth was found murdered in her home.

Richard Haney

Incident date: Jan. 24-25, 1975

Incident location: Dayton

Description from BCI: Richard Haney was reported missing from his residence in Brookville on Jan. 24, 1975. His vehicle was recovered in April 1975 in Dayton. His body was found in the trunk of his gray 1965 Ford Falcon. Haney had been shot to death. If you have any information about this case, please contact Miami Valley Crime Stoppers at 937-222-STOP, 1-800-637-5375 or

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