IN YOUR PRIME: How to show support for local nonprofits

Making a difference in one’s community is a worthy goal. There are many paths a person can take to be a catalyst for change. One of the easiest ways to make positive change is to support nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit organizations make it their missions to serve specific causes – whether those causes are the environment, a certain demographic of people, animals, schools, or social issues. Supporting nonprofit groups furthers a worthy cause and even benefits those who lend their support. According to, an equitable learning organization, supporting nonprofits can lead to a greater sense of happiness, improved mental health and a stronger sense of purpose and fosters a greater number of social connections. There are many different ways to be involved with nonprofit groups.

Make financial donations. Nonprofit organizations require funding to meet their missions. Support from donors can cover operating costs and ensure missions are not stalled or canceled due to lack of funding.

Engage in peer-to-peer fundraising. Sharing information about an organization with others and asking them to support the nonprofit is known as peer-to-peer fundraising. This can happen by word-of-mouth advertising on social media, asking for fundraising for a cause in lieu of traditional birthday or special event gifts, or sharing fliers or other advertisements around town. This type of fundraising is especially valuable because it does not require nonprofit organizations to allocate their own resources in order to generate donations.

Provide PTO time to willing volunteers. Business owners in a community can be sure their employees have adequate paid time off to volunteer with local nonprofits. A company may establish a set amount of hours or days per quarter or month that can be used for volunteerism in any aspect.

Sponsor an event. While private individuals can sponsor events, the collective resources of a business or other group, such as a school, may be better equipped to spearhead a charity event.

Participate in or attend an event. Even if you cannot donate or sponsor an event, you can still be involved. Showing up to support a cause can help raise awareness and inspire nonprofit workers and volunteers.

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