Drake pumps gas on road trip from ‘Cincinnati to Dayton’ as part of new album

Drake takes the 60-or-so-minute trip between the Queen City and the Gem City on the album he released at the end of June.

Um, OK.  If Drake says so. 


The Canadian-born rapper makes references to this Ohio road trip business as part of  “Elevate,” the third track on the 25-track double album “Scorpion.”

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Click on the song title to hear the verse.

Here is what he said:  

"I couldn't picture changes when I was with Ms. Craten
That lady hates me
Couldn't picture wifin' Braden when I was pumpin' gas on road trips to go from Cincinnati on to Dayton
I couldn't gauge it
I wanna thank God for workin' way harder than Satan
He's playin' favorites, it feels amazin' (yeah)

As the Cincinnati Enquirer has it, Drake and tennis star Serena Williams, his alleged former boo,  were spotted at the Sotto, a downtown restaurant in that city, while she was there in 2015 for the Western & Southern Open.

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Could he have made a secret trip to Dayton on that visit.... maybe yes, maybe no.

The Ohio reference grabbed our attention, but the biggest revelation on the 31-year-old's new album probably is that he secretly confirmed that he fathered a child with French former adult-film star Sophie BrussauxPeople magazine says.

O Canada. 


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