DIY for Cheap: cutting board iPad holder

Growing up, my family was always in the kitchen cooking something. As I have grown, this passion for cooking has become part of my life as well. I am constantly looking at recipes and trying new things. The only difference now is that most of my recipes are online and not in a cookbook. To make reading those recipes a little easier, I have created a holder for my iPad that fits into a kitchen theme.

Supplies needed

Items I purchased:

• Metal door stopper - $4.99 at Home Depot

• Wooden Scrabble Tile Holder - $1 on eBay

• Wooden Cutting Board – 99 cents at Goodwill

Items I Already Had:

• White paint

• Sandpaper

• Foam brush

• Mod Podge

• E600 Industrial Strength Adhesive


1. Before you begin, make sure to clean off the surface of your cutting board.

2. Place your cutting board sideways flat on your table and glue the Scrabble tile holder along the bottom of your board. This will act as the lip to hold your iPad in place.

3. Once dry, flip the board over and glue the door stopper to the back of the board. This will be what holds your cutting board upright.

4. Once all pieces are dry, you can begin painting. Apply a coat of white paint to your cutting board. Let dry completely and repeat.

5. Once happy with the paint, take your sandpaper and gently go over your board. You do not want huge chunks of paint off, but just enough to make the board look old and weathered.

6. When you are happy with the level of edging you have given your board, apply a coat of Mod Podge over the whole thing to protect it.

7. Once it is dry, it is time to place your iPad on it and start cooking!