7 things people love about Buc-ee’s, as the first Ohio location nears in Huber Heights

Last month, the Huber Heights Planning Commission approved a detailed development plan for Ohio’s first Buc-ee’s store, set for construction in the city’s northeast quadrant.

According to the plans, the Buc-ee’s store will have two access points from Ohio 235, one at the CenterPoint 70 Boulevard intersection to the north and one at the Artz Road intersection to the south. It is expected to include 120 gas pumps and more than 700 parking spaces.

Buc-ee’s has a devoted following of loyal customers. Here is a look at what customers love about it.

The apparel

Most people have seen someone wearing an eclectic themed shirt featuring the Buc-ee’s logo, a red and yellow circle with a beaver mascot that wears a hat. Shirts are not all the apparel that is available. Customers find everything from bathing suits and Hawaiian shirts to socks, hats, underwear and pajamas. There’s really no limit on what Buc-ee’s will stamp its logo.

Beef jerky and brisket sandwiches

It’s the food most Buc-ee’s customers talk about why they stop there on trips. The store has areas dedicated to burritos and tacos, a bakery, Texas meats (brisket, sausage, turkey and pulled pork), sweets, a wall of world famous jerky and a section of nuts. The snack game is strong at Buc-ee’s.

Those who go for food should know it is packaged to be take-and-go: There are no seats at most Buc-ee’s locations. It is truly a convenience store for travelers.

Good service

Gwen Hilliard, of Miamisburg, summed it up by saying, “The employees are the bomb-dot-com. When you go inside, they’re like, ‘Welcome to Buc-ee’s!’ And you can’t help but smile...there’s not really any grumpy people in Buc-ee’s.” Most locations have a lot of employees running the various areas of the store, from sales to food to maintenance and restocking.

Grabbing a snack

Beaver nuggets (puffed corn nuggets with a crunchy brown sugar caramel coating), gummies, taffy, old favorites, fudge and a lot more are there to satisfy every sweet tooth.


From full-size grills to stuff animals to cutesy home décor, customers will find a variety of items for purchase and it varies at each Buc-ee’s. The one in Richmond, Ky. features a lot of goods with the Kentucky state outline and the word “Kentucky” on it.

Endless fuel pumps

With several Buc-ee’s locations having as many as 120 gas pumps, the massive size of the place is a draw in itself. Select locations offer ethanol free fuel, which is popular for boats and small engines, and diesel exhaust fluid, which is used in some trucks and heavy equipment.

People love the restrooms

Even if you are just stopping by for a bathroom break, Buc-ee’s is there to impress. With plenty of spacious stalls, high-quality facilities and cleanliness that has won awards, it’s worth holding it until you get there.