7 budget-friendly ways to update a wardrobe

An individual’s appearance can speak volumes. For many, that underscores the importance of having a wardrobe that presents the image they want to project.

Unless you have unlimited funds, the process of curating a wardrobe can take time. Life brings with it many expenses, but it’s possible to update your wardrobe each season without breaking the bank. Check out these seven money-saving suggestions before visiting retailers.

1. Investigate your closet (and others’)

Take stock of what’s already in your closet and drawers. You may forget what you have, particularly if you pack away seasonal items. In addition, check with roommates or family members to see if they have any pieces they don’t use or would like to swap. This keeps everyone looking fresh.

2. Turn pants into shorts or capris

Who hasn’t had the dryer shrink an item that once fit? Over time, the hemline on a dress may creep up or pants just don’t hit at the right spot on the ankle any longer. Rather than wasting an item, with some minor tailoring you can transform pants into shorts or capris and transform long dresses into short ones.

3. Invest in basics

Keep a cheat sheet in your pocket or purse when shopping so you can pick up items when they are on discount. Staples to stock a wardrobe include a basic black dress, classic black dress pants, white dress shirt, A-line skirt in a neutral color, any occasion tops, and well-fitting darker wash jeans. For men, basics include slacks and blazers or a well-fitting suit, dress shirts in a few neutral colors, casual khaki slacks, well-fitting jeans, and casual polo shirts.

4. Set your budget and shopping plan

Some people like to establish monthly shopping budgets, while others updating their wardrobes prefer to shop seasonally. Figure out how much you can devote to new clothes (after taking inventory of current items) and stick to that amount. If you’re a person who has difficulty saying “no” when shopping, shop with cash instead of card. When your funds are depleted, exit the store.

5. Shop from the back

Sale and clearance racks tend to be at the back of department stores and other retailers. Start there to grab some pieces before working your way forward to where the newer, more costly items are displayed.

6. Stick to a neutral color palette

It’s easier to mix and match newer items with pieces you already have if the colors blend. If you want to add pops of color, do so with accessories such as belts, ties, purses, or jewelry.

7. Shop thrift sales or consignment

Just because it’s used doesn’t make durable clothing any less valuable. Thrift and consignment stores sell products at very low cost. Some places even have days during the week when ticketed items are slashed in price even further. Thrift and consignments stores also are great places to find unique pieces.

SOCIAL MEDIA TEXT: It’s possible to update your wardrobe each season without breaking the bank.

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