What’s cooking this year at the 50th Ohio Sauerkraut Festival?

Back in the early 1970s, when Waynesville residents randomly decided to add a sauerkraut dinner to a sidewalk sale, a curious hybrid was born.

Fifty years later, this festival now combines 60 sauerkraut-related food items with 460 craftspeople from 25 states and attracts over 350,000 people annually.

Explore 50 eats and treats at the Ohio Sauerkraut Festival

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For the 50th anniversary, festival officials will honor past chairmen and families and hand out commemorative gifts. If you’re a fan of sauerkraut or crafts or both, here’s what you can expect to find at the 50th annual Ohio Sauerkraut Festival.

PRO TIP: Don’t forget to download the festival map from the Web site (see below) to help you find what you want.

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Credit: Tom Gilliam

Credit: Tom Gilliam

1.) Sauerkraut in what? 

It shouldn’t be surprising that a sauerkraut-oriented festival would produce some odd concoctions.

🍴Sauerkraut pizza (sauerkraut layered over cheese, mixed with sausages and onions)

Vendor: Order of Eastern Star

🍴German sundaes (mashed potato with sauerkraut, cheese, sour cream)

Vendor: Sons of American Legion

Naturally, there are more conventional kraut items as well, such as: 

🍴Pork, kraut and mashed potatoes 

Vendor: Crossview Christian Church

🍴Sauerkraut balls (sauerkraut and mashed potatoes in a deep-fried crust)

Vendor: Wayne Township Fire Department

🍴Sauerkraut doughnuts 

Vendor: Waynesville Blue Dolphins

🍴Sauerkraut fudge 

Vendor: Chamber Bakery

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2.) Comfort Food

Assuming you’re a fan of crafts but not kraut, or are just a general festival connoisseur, there are plenty of non-kraut items to munch on, too, including:

🍴Brats, Polish sausage (American Legion Auxiliary)

🍴Pork chop sandwiches (Waynesville SAY Soccer)

🍴Funnel Cakes (Dodd’s Church Youth Group)

🍴Soft Pretzels (Waynesville Girls Soccer)

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3.) Arts and Crafts for 2017

There will be diverse craftspeople selling their wares in many categories. They are:

• Candles and potpourri (11 vendors)

• Clothing accessories (32 vendors)

• Country crafts/primitives (16 vendors)

• Florals/wreaths/baskets (11 vendors)

• Glass/ceramics/porcelain (19 vendors)

• Holiday crafts (17 vendors)

• Jewelry (35 vendors)

• Leather (two vendors)

• Lotions/soaps/spa products (14 vendors)

• Metal Work (15 vendors)

• Pet accessories (15 vendors)

• Photography/artists/frames (18 vendors)

• Pottery (five vendors)

• Pre-packaged take home food/crafts (28 vendors)

• Scrapbooking/paper (one vendor)

• Stitch/knitting/needle embroidery (28 vendors)

• Toys/dolls (nine vendors)

• Wood crafts (35 vendors)

There is also a miscellaneous category, which includes such items as cornhole games and bags, wall clocks, handcrafted guitar picks, sports items and ornaments, sand art for kids, friendship trees, universal cup handles, and more.

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4.) Live music

The full live entertainment lineup includes JAYME (country/rock), Smithville South (pop, rock and R&B hits from the 1960s-present), the Michelle Robinson Band (rock and bluegrass covers), Streetwise (rock), Wild Rice (dance), Fin Tan (Celtic), the Waynesville Marching Band, Counting Skeletons (danceable rock hits from 1980s-present), Locking Up Otis (classic rock hits), and Timestamp (rock and alternative rock hits from the 1980s and 90s).


What: Ohio Sauerkraut Festival

Where: Main St., downtown Waynesville

When: Oct. 12-13, 9 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday

Cost: No admission cost

More Info: 513-897-8555 or www.sauerkrautfestival.com.

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