Dashcam video shows Carrie Underwood was very polite during first traffic stop

The dashcam footage from Carrie Underwood's recent traffic stop in Brentwood, Tennessee, has been released, and it confirms the country singer may be one of the most humble and polite stars in the business.

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In the video, released by the Brentwood Police Department, Underwood's Mercedes SUV is pulled over in a residential section of the Nashville suburb. The officer approaches the car and asks her, "What's the big hurry, ma'am?" Underwood replies, "I wasn't even paying attention. I know that's no excuse."

The 34-year-old  tweeted after the traffic stop, "Well, it happened today. After 18 years, I can no longer say I've never been pulled over for speeding. I feel so ashamed! I may or may not have cried in my car after the cop let me go."

Underwood’s husband, hockey player Mike Fisher, got a big kick out of his wife’s brush with the law.

He tweeted, "Proud of you honey!"

It's been a big week for the couple beyond the traffic stop. On Wednesday, Jan. 31. Fisher held a press conference with the Nashville Predators to announce his return to the NHL team this season. He'll be headed back onto the ice in the coming weeks as the Preds gear up for another shot at the playoffs in the run-up to the Stanley Cup Finals. Fisher was the team captain last year when the Predators made it to the finals, but they lost the big prize to the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Fisher announced his retirement last August, but he began to feel like he had some unfinished business with the Predators. For her part, Underwood was excited to see her husband return to the ice.

“Carrie kept asking me almost every day what I was going to do,” Fisher said in the press conference. “She wanted me to do it. She’s usually right.”

Underwood tweeted her excitement about Fisher's return, saying, "This is happening! Fish is back! So proud of you, baby! We want the cup!!!"

Billboard reported that Underwood's new song, "The Champion," featuring Ludacris, will be the opening song for the Super Bowl Feb. 4. It will also have a music video and be featured in coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Underwood has also been in the studio writing and recording new music for her upcoming studio album.

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