Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping him during 2016 campaign

After several days of intense questions that zeroed in on his campaign's contacts with Russia, President Trump on Saturday morning leveled a staggering accusation at President Obama, accusing him of "wire tapping" Mr. Trump during the 2016 race.

"Is it legal for a sitting President to be "wire tapping" a race for president prior to an election?" Trump said in a series of early morning tweets from Mar-a-Lago, his Florida retreat.

"This is Nixon/Watergate," Mr. Trump added, without providing any evidence of why he believes there was eavesdropping directed at him in 2016.

Here were some of the tweets that the President sent out this morning:

While the President gave out no supporting details, his mention of a wiretap, plus a court, could theoretically involve the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, FISA.

There were some stories circulating on the internet before the election - with no strong evidence to support - that a FISA warrant had been approved; it's still not clear if that's the case.

It should be noted that if a FISA court did approve a wiretapping warrant - that would not be illegal - but it certainly would be a stunning new turn in the story of the 2016 election.

As President, Mr. Trump certainly has the authority to immediately de-classify any such evidence, and make it public.

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