President Trump: I'm ready for summit with Kim Jong Un

Less than a week before he meets with the leader of North Korea, President Donald Trump said he remains committed to an agreemnent with Kim Jong Un that brings about an end to North Korea's nuclear weapons program, as Mr. Trump said the Singapore summit "would not just be a photo op."

"I think I'm very well prepared," Mr. Trump told reporters in the Oval Office, as he huddled with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

"They have to de-nuke," the President said of the Pyongyang regime, and their nuclear weapons program. "If they don't denuclearize, that will not be acceptable."

"I think it's a process, I've told you that many times before," Mr. Trump added. "I think it's not a one meeting deal."

Later at a White House news conference, the President said he is "totally prepared" to walk away from the negotiating table, if Kim Jong Un is not ready to deal on the future of North Korea's nuclear weapons program.

"All I can say is I'm totally prepared to walk away - I did it once before," Mr. Trump said, referring to his move to scrap the June 12 summit, after the North Koreans began making negative noise about their meeting.

Pressed by reporters on what the summit would produce, the President said he was considering the idea of signing a declaration which would officially end the Korean War.

"That could happen, but that's really the beginning," Mr. Trump told reporters in the Rose Garden. "Sounds a little bit strange, but that's probably the easy part. The hard part remains after that."

"Kim Jong Un wants to do something, I think he wants to see something incredible happen for the people of North Korea," the President said alongside the Japanese Prime Minister.

"We shouldn't have waited to this point," Mr. Trump added, gently chiding previous administrations, "but we have a lot of great opportunities."

The President's meeting with Kim Jong Un will begin at 9 pm EDT on Monday, which is 9 am on Tuesday in Singapore.

"I really believe that we have the potential to do something incredible for the world, and it's my honor to be involved," Mr. Trump added.

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