A peek at the Electoral College from around the nation


In ceremonies in fifty state capitals and the District of Columbia, the states convened their electors to elect the next President of the United States, in a mix of symbolism, history, demonstrators and a bit of raw political feelings as well.

"I want to congratulate all of you on your role on this historic day," said Gov. Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania.

"The actions you take today are historic," the Governor added.

Social media allows us to see what's going on all around the nation - here are just a few of those snapshots on this historic day.

In some states, the event is held in the state legislature. In others, it's just in a conference room, like this one from North Dakota:

Former President Bill Clinton was the first to vote in New York today:

One elector tried not to follow through and vote for Hillary Clinton in Maine - instead, casting an Electoral College ballot for Bernie Sanders:


But, in the end, that didn't work out, as state of Maine officials would not allow a switch.

There was also an elector in Minnesota that did not want to vote for Clinton, but the laws there require that person to be immediately replaced by an alternate elector.

When will we find out the results - Congress will open the envelopes on January 6, 2017.

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