Five tidbits from the border security funding deal in Congress

Facing a Friday night deadline to avoid a second partial government shutdown, lawmakers in Congress and officials at the White House were busily digesting the details of a sweeping legislative funding package unveiled just after midnight, as House and Senate leaders prepared for swift action on the plan to finish budget work for Fiscal Year 2019.

While the headlines are all about the specifics of the agreement on how money in this deal can be spent on border security - and rightly so - Congress is actually voting on seven government funding bills all rolled into one giant legislative package.

Before we get to some of the details, here are your links:

The text of the "Consolidated Appropriations" bill for Fiscal Year 2019 can be found here.

There is also a separate document which goes into more explanatory detail about the spending bills.

Now, to some of what's in this plan.

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