U.S. economy keeps chugging with 136,000 new jobs in September

Despite concerns about slower growth around the world and the impact of tariffs and trade fights involving the U.S., the American economy added 136,000 jobs in September, as the jobless rate dropped to 3.5 percent, the lowest point since December of 1969.

The last time the economy registered monthly job losses was back in September of 2010 - as the economic gains which started in the Obama Administration have continued on under President Donald Trump.

Of the 136,000 jobs added in September, 22,000 of them came from hiring by government, as the Labor Department reported it was mostly local and state governments adding workers.

"Our economy is booming," President Trump said on Thursday during a stop in Florida. "We're doing fantastically well."

Republicans in Congress quickly celebrated the new jobs numbers, as the GOP rebuked Democrats for focusing on impeachment.

“Great economic news because of President Trump’s leadership!” said Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL).

“Unemployment has reached a 50 year low! We will keep focused on growing our economy and creating opportunity!” tweeted Rep. Tom Rice (R-SC).

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