Girls volleyball District 9 All-District Teams



First Team — Lauren Freed (Troy), Emily Moser (Troy), Kailey Byers (Piqua), Lindsey Nartker (Tecumseh), Madison Taber (Springfield), Morgan Clark (Sidney), Leslie Wynkoop (Troy), Macy Yount (Piqua).

Second Team — Kati Knecht (Fairborn), Hailey Soulati (Fairborn), Madison Barker (Sidney), Bri Wells-Barnes (Sidney), Anyssa Gonzalez (Tecumseh), Madison Semler (Tecumseh), Jillian Ross (Troy).

Player of the Year — Lauren Freed (Troy)

State All-Star Rep — Emily Moser (Troy)

Coach of the Year — Michelle Owen (Troy)


First Team — Becca Poppel (Urbana), Elizabeth Campbell (Shawnee), Ellen Henry (Urbana), Erin Jans (Tippecanoe), Karrah Batten (Kenton Ridge), Taylor Brown (Kenton Ridge), Taylor Quay (Ben Logan), MacKenzie Brunswick (Bellefontaine), Kelsey Crooks (Northwestern), Nicole Stute (Greenon).

Second Team — Alex Thompson (Ben Logan), Brooke Defibaugh (Indian Lake), Karlee Sine (Shawnee), Emily Layman (Tippecanoe), Julie Littell (Kenton Ridge), Kameren Haley (Bellefontaine), Sierra Kirk (Kenton Ridge), Michelle Hendricks (Urbana), Alexandria Barnes (Shawnee), Samantha Renner (Greenon).

Honorable Mention — Jordan Lininger (Bellefontaine), Jennifer Poling (Ben Logan), Emily Howell (Greenon), Michelle Grider (Indian Lake), Brandy Rains (Northwestern), Alyssa Crusey (Tippecanoe), Sydney Miller (Indian Lake), Mackenzie Zook (Graham).

Player of the Year — Karrah Batten (Kenton Ridge)

State All-Star Rep — Karrah Batten (Kenton Ridge)

Coach of the Year — Lori Saunders (Kenton Ridge)


First Team — Amanda Winner (Versailles), Kinsey Douglas (Milton-Union), Samantha Cash (Miami East), Rachel Kremer (Versailles), Jamie Peterson (WL-Salem), Megan Fogt (Anna), Allison Morrett (Miami East), Leah Tobe (Greeneview).

Second Team — Angie Mack (Miami East), Christine Heisey (Milton-Union), Rachel Noffsinger (Anna), Lauren Bruns (Versailles), Rachel Loffing (WL-Salem), Abbey O’Donnell (Arcanum), Taylor Sage (Greeneview), Taylor Winner (Versailles).

Honorable Mention — Haley Steinbrunner (Anna), Brianna Garber (Houston), Ashley Current (Miami East), Katlyn Douglas (Milton-Union), Courtney Wion (Milton-Union), Kylee Hormann (WL-Salem).

Player of the Year — Amanda Winner (Versailles)

State All-Star Rep — Amanda Winner (Versailles)

Coach of the Year — Karla Frilling (Versailles)


First Team — Kelly Turner (Fort Loramie), Kylie Wilson (Russia), Allyson Duncan (Spg. Cath. Central), Cassie Meyer (Jackson Center), Ellie Cain (Lehman Cath.), Julie Hoying (Fort Loramie), Courtney Hiltibran (Mechanicsburg), Audrey Francis (Fairlawn), Erica Paulus (Lehman Cath.), Lauren Hoendorf (Spg. Cath. Central), Pauline Meyer (Jackson Center), Jamie Huston (Cedarville).

Second Team — Haley Eichert (Jackson Center), Taylor Daniel (Russia), Heather Ferris (Tri-Village), Olivia Slagle (Lehman Cath.), Chloe Brandewie (Spg. Cath. Central), Catey Fischer (Ansonia), Darian Rose (Fort Loramie), Denise Schwartz (Botkins), Gina Gano (Mechanicsburg), Morgan Booher (Franklin Monroe), Lindsay Toops (Southeastern), Sidney Chapman (Lehman Cath.).

Honorable Mention — Ashley Pleiman (Fort Loramie), Allison Guckes (Botkins), Erin Metz (Jackson Center), Jenna Welty (Triad), Raya Mikesell (Tri-Village), Camille Puthoff (Russia), Jessica Dammeyer (Covington), Katie Bush (Mechanicsburg), Jessica Rogers (Cedarville), Kalie Entler (Southeastern), Kara Short (Fairlawn), Kerri Meade (Riverside).

Player of the Year — Kelly Turner (Fort Loramie)

State All-Star Rep — Ellie Cain (Lehman Catholic)

Coach of the Year — Stacey Derr-Webster (Spg. Catholic Central)

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