FOOD DEAL: How to get a FREE sandwich at this area restaurant

  • staff
6:00 a.m. Friday, Oct. 13, 2017 News

There are two words that are even sweeter when placed side-by-side: “free sandwich.” 

Potbelly Sandwich Shop is currently hosting a promotion to give away 75,000 sandwiches through October 30, according to a Thrillist article

“Starting on Tuesday, the Chicago-based sandwich chain is serving up 75,000 free sandwiches at its locations across the country through October 30. All you have to do is download the company's mobile app for iPhone or Android, create a new account, order your sandwich like you usually do at your local Potbelly, and pay with the app when you get to the register.” 

Sounds good to us. In other words: Sign. Us. Up. 

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