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Reds Connection: Hal's done with interleague play

Hall-of-fame baseball writer Hal McCoy knows a thing or two about America’s pastime. If you’d like to tap into that knowledge, send a question to

Q: Should the Reds petition MLB to install the 10-run rule for next season? — BILL, GERMANTOWN
A: Well, maybe only against the St. Louis Cardinals, who have beaten the Reds by 10 or more runs three times this season. It certainly would save manager Dusty Baker’s bullpen, but the Cardinals would veto it. They seem to take perverse glee in it.

Q: Who is your favorite American League team? I know that team has red in its colors, right? — JOE, SALISBURY, N.C.
A: I know, Joe, that you bleed Bosox red and, yes, my favorite AL team has red in its uniforms. But it isn’t Boston. It’s Cleveland. My niece, Bobbi Sue, a Detroit fan, sent me a poster that reads, “Detroit is bankrupt, but Detroit owns Cleveland.” She has been eliminated from my will.

Q: Who will the Reds play in interleague in 2014? TIMOTHY, OHIO CITY
A: I’d love to say, “Nobody.” Interleague has run its course in my book, The Olde School Book. For sure, as always, they’ll play the Cleveland Indians. Every year they rotate the divisions teams play. This year it was the AL West (Oakland, Seattle, Texas, Los Angeles, Houston). Last year it was the AL Central, so next year it will be teams from the AL East. But the exact schedule isn’t released until December.

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