Fiona the beloved hippo to say bye bye to the bottle

9:57 p.m Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017 Ohio

Fiona the beloved baby hippopotamus at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden will soon say goodbye to bottle feeding.

The zoo tweeted a video this week showing Fiona suckling from a hippo-sized baby bottle. Fiona’s care team will transition her to a diet of all solid foods over the next few days.

Fiona has come a long way since her premature birth in January, when she came into the world six weeks premature weighing less than 30 pounds. She’s now topping the scales well over 600 pounds.

A zoo spokeswoman said hippos are normally weaned between eight and 10 months, the Associated Press reported.

Fiona and her mother, Bibi, enjoy meals of hay, fruit, lettuce, beet pulp and grain.

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