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Pope Francis is a humble man

“Viva il Papa”

These were the words shouted by 100,000 pilgrims at St. Peter’s Basilica on March 13, when Argentina’s Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was introduced as the 266th pope, who wishes to be called Pope Francis.

He is a humble man whose first words were for those who were watching to pray for him.

Pope Francis, while living as a cardinal and considered the archbishop of Buenos Aires, did not live in the palatial bishop’s residence, but in an apartment where he cooked his own food. He would be seen on the street and in the subways in a black cassock, not in the red regalia. A video showed him washing the feet of a leper and ministering to the poor.

His selection awakens in us the workings of the Holy Spirit. The conclave of cardinals prayed to the Holy Spirit to guide them in the selection of a new pope. Perhaps we also should pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance in our life’s work, which is to give honor to God and to serve Him. He never seems to have a busy signal and leaves messages for us in the waking hours. PAUL HEALY, EATON

Speak Up

Pope Francis could rejuvenate the Catholic Church if he just persuaded the Church to do one thing: teach us that, regardless of their sexuality, all human beings were created equal in the eyes of God. What has He made that was faulty? Here on earth we subdivide: men, women, both. In heaven, we will all be equal. Why not here, too? Women in the priesthood? Married priests? Bisexual marriages? Why not? Remove these artificial man-made obstacles, and the Church would flourish again.

Here is a fair and balanced question: Would the new pope give a thumbs up to the hurt the “least among us” budget being shoved on the American people by good Catholics, Paul Ryan and John Boehner?

I admire and respect the position that the Catholic Church takes on social issues such as gay marriage, homosexuality and abortion. Many Protestant churches have given in to the pressures to accept these ungodly practices, but the Catholic Church has stood firm in condemning these things. It seems that they have elected a man to be the new pope who will continue to stand against these. These practices have always been condemned in Scripture and God is not going to change His commands to suit mankind, and neither should the Catholic Church.

It is mind boggling to look around the world and to see the opulence and splendor that leaders of organized religions live in, and yet children go to bed hungry. Am I missing something?

Re “Senate OKs bill to drive 70,” March 21: The map of new speed limits was a shocker: extra lanes have been constructed and it should be smooth-sailing on I-75 between I-675 and the Cincinnati beltway, but only a tiny portion of this clearly “non-urban” stretch is upped to 70 mph? Wanna bet there will be speedtraps set up on both sides of this two-mile teaser?

I’ve driven through many states where 75 mph speed limits work perfectly well … though these more efficient speeds are typically complemented by ubiquitous “slower traffic keep right” signs, which Ohioans seem loathe to abide.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones brings up a good reason to legalize marijuana; he says people will kill to protect or to steal it. The best way to eliminate what little marijuana violence there is is to legalize it. We are talking about something less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. Freedom-loving Americans should be able to smoke marijuana just as people smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, as long as they harm no one else. It’s the American way.

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