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Another meteor? Reports come in of bright flash across Ohio, Ind. night sky

Still more views on morning-after pill

Re “Your thoughts on morning-after pill,” June 12: Since the government has now publicly and officially stated that 11- and 12-year old girls have every right to have sex by saying they have the right to buy morning-after pills without a prescription, shouldn’t they also be saying that we need to ensure the sex occurs in a clean and safe environment? Similar to legal abortions, shouldn’t the government be encouraging organizations like Planned Parenthood to establish facilities where young teens can go to have sex in a clean and safe environment? Otherwise, they will be having sex in cars, back alleys and other public places that might pose health risks, including sexually transmitted diseases. We wouldn’t want that.

I say this partly tongue-in-cheek, but apparently this is pretty consistent with the thinking process in today’s society where young teen sex is not considered to be a big problem unless unwanted pregnancies result. But, even if it is considered to be a big problem, apparently it is being dismissed as too hard to address. Thankfully, we didn’t take the same approach to the problem of smoking. JOSEPH BRAFFORD, BEAVERCREEK

‘Coddling the younger generation’

… What parent wouldn’t want to know their 15-year-old daughter is having unprotected sex? Have the parents of hormone-driven males cautioned them about the perils and personal accountability of sexual intercourse?

Parents seem all too eager to shift responsibility for providing discipline to educators and others — as long as it is not “excessive.” This morning-after pill is a wonder of science and making it available over-the-counter is another example of our society coddling the younger generation. CHICK FRAUNFELTER, MIDDLETOWN

‘No one knows what the effect will be

The FDA and the Department of Health and Human Services are supposed to protect us from untoward drug effects. Instead, their attitude is the same as the approval process for Mifeprex (RU-486), where the FDA simply stated we will wait and see what happens to girls under 18 when they use it.

Drugs like the morning-after pill, Mifeprex and Ella either block the action of hormones or introduce extra hormones into these pubescent girls. No one knows what the effect will be on their sexual development. This approach is a violation of standard for medical research and drug approval. I am deeply concerned that the zeal for contraception and abortion at any cost, to anyone, will harm our young women. WILLIAM STALTER, WASHINGTON TWP.

Speak up

Making the morning-after pill available to young girls will probably save some lives. Many young girls fear pregnancy, yet cannot prevent sexual intercourse from happening for various reasons. Those in opposition misconstrue reality, that’s all.

Re “48-hour wait for abortion proposed,” June 14: It really angers me when politicians try to legislate their religious beliefs on me and my family.

Re the letter “Parade no place for political issue,” June 7: Actually, Memorial Day is the perfect time to remember the 52 million (and counting) babies murdered in our country due to legalized abortion, as they represent way more than the number of people killed in our country’s wars.

Even with teachers paying more for their health insurance, they have a long way to go before coming close to what the private-sector employee pays for his or her coverage. They need more pension and health care reform to relieve the burden from the taxpayer.

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Another meteor? Reports come in of bright flash across Ohio, Ind. night sky
Another meteor? Reports come in of bright flash across Ohio, Ind. night sky

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