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Boehner rejects impeachment talk, plans to sue Obama

House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday rejected calls from conservatives to impeach President Barack Obama, saying he prefers filing a lawsuit against what he believes is Obama’s “re-writing law to make it fit his own needs.”

In a news conference on Capitol Hill, Boehner, R-West Chester Twp., attempted to defuse suggestions from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin that the House should impeach Obama for what she claimed was his inability to control the nation’s borders and carry out laws approved by Congress.

“It’s time to impeach,” Palin told a conservative web site. “And on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment.”

But when asked what he has told conservatives who would like to impeach Obama, Boehner said he has “told them I disagree. It’s as simple as that. I disagree.”

“Listen, I think this is a battle between the two branches of government,” Boehner said. “Others can make a determination about whether it is impeachable or not. I believe that the path (a lawsuit) that we are going is the right one to defend our institution against the encroachment from the executive branch and to preserve the Constitution of our country as it was written.”

Senior Republicans have expressed alarm that talk of impeaching Obama will backfire on House and Senate Republican candidates in the November election. Instead, they want their candidates to focus on the economy, the 2010 health law, and the turmoil in the U.S. Veterans Administration.

Boehner criticized Obama for the recent increase of unaccompanied child immigrants, who have come over the Texas border illegally in the hopes escaping gang violence in Honduras and El Salvador, and poverty in Guatemala.

Boehner called on Obama to take responsibility for “his actions that gave false hope to children and their families that if they entered the country illegally, they would be allowed to stay.”

“Listen, this is a problem of the president’s own making,” Boehner said. “He has been president for five and a half years. When is he going to take responsibility for something?’’

Obama asked Congress Tuesday for $3.7 billion to give aid to the child refuges and increase the power of the border patrol.

“We are not giving the president a blank check,” Boehner said, “Our priorities are to take care of these children, return them safely home to their families, and secure the border.”

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