Clark County Common Pleas Court cases



17-CV-0672 - Timothy E. Simmons, c/o 5057 Troy Road, v. Bernard N. Gibson Jr., 1111 N. Belmont Ave., complaint in excess of $25,000 and that partnership be judicially dissolved and that defendant be required to provide a true accounting of partnership activities from Jan. 1, 2013 through Nov. 21, 2017, etc., regarding partnership in Muffler Shop Warehouse and Automotive.

17-CV-0673 - Heather Mommaerts, Burbank, Calif., v. Alicia Le Rouge, 1515 Paldalo Crt., et al., complaint in excess of $25,000 for damages and injuries suffered in an auto accident on Nov. 23, 2015.

17-CV-0674 - Heartland Federal Credit Union, Dayton, v. Joshua K. Slone, 2816 Columbus Road, complaint for $9,524, $21,287 and $3,068 due on Retail Installment Contracts and Security Agreements and Visa Credit Card Application/Agreement.

17-CV-0675 - Wells Fargo Bank, NA, as Trustee, v. Jennie M. Steiger, 3333 W. Columbia St., et al., complaint in foreclosure for $63,575.


State of Ohio v. Robert McClurg, case dismissed with prejudice.

Artisan and Truckers Casualty Company v. Travis M. Gray, judgment for $24,000.

State of Ohio v. Brandon Davis, convicted of burglary, eight years prison; convicted of receiving stolen property, one year prison; post release control terminated, additional one year prison for offense being committed during post release control, all sentences to run consecutively to one another for a total of 10 years prison, credit for time served, three years post release control mandatory.

State of Ohio v. Daniel Bussard, convicted of breaking and entering, six months prison with credit for jail time served.

State of Ohio v. Daniel Taylor Sr., convicted of breaking and entering, 10 months prison with credit for jail time served.

State of Ohio v. Richard E. Burks IV, convicted of discharge of firearm on or near a prohibited premises and receiving stolen property, five years community control, 180 days jail, 300 hours community service.


Marriage Licenses

Raymond Lee Hutchinson Jr., 39, 1102 S. Fountain Ave., assembly, and Ashley Ranee Williams, 24, 1102 S. Fountain Ave.

Alex James Gueth, 31, 1808 Fulton Ave., artist, and Leah Jane Baldwin, 30, 1808 Fulton Ave., RN.


Property Transfers

Vickie L. McElfresh to Sean Scaglia, 3124 Vineyard St., Springfield; $48,000.

Paul E. and Susan E. Lambert to Susan E. Lambert, Trustee, 3032 Brixton Dr., Springfield; no fee.

Richard Q. Avery to City of Springfield, 413-415 W. Washington St., Springfield; no fee.

Francis P. and Cynthia A. Catanzaro to Jordan V. and Alyssa D. Hellwig, 1850 Broadway St., Springfield; $67,500.

R. Darlene Wight to Norval Edward Henry, 366 S. Arlington Ave., Springfield; $47,000.

Stephen Perrin to City of Springfield, 331 Raffensperger Ave., Springfield; no fee.

C T Enterprises of Ohio LLC to Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., 2607 Lagonda Ave., Springfield; no fee.

Ronald J. and Martha A. O’Connor to William Taylor, 1935 W. Mile Road, Springfield; $214,600.

Bonnie L. Johnson to Strong Tower Rentals LLC, 1771-1773 S. Center Blvd., Springfield; $50,000.

William Cronley Pryor Sr., and Julie Ann Pryor to City of Springfield, 144 E. Rose St., Springfield; no fee.

Christopher J. Bandel to Clark County Land Reutilization Corp., 1308-1308 ½ Clifton Ave., Springfield; no fee.

CitiMortgage Inc., to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 336 Fair St., Springfield; no fee.

Gernelda Meyers to City of Springfield, 473 Selma Road, Springfield; no fee.

Wayne Kinnamon to Thomas Johnson, 21 N. Murray St., Springfield; $1,000.

Keith A. Randolph to Shawn Young, 941 N. Hampton Road, Springfield; $135,000.

Michael A. Hoehl, Trustee, to Christopher Edwards, 9937 Sheryl Road, New Carlisle; $153,000.

James A. and Amber S. Fogle to Mary Boling Rentals LLC, 242 Shepard St., New Carlisle; $57,800.

David L. Wischer and Tamara E. Fox to Bank of America NA, 201 Fenwick Dr., New Carlisle; $34,000.

Mary Gibbons, Trustee, to Rebecca Seaberg, 4325 W. Enon Dr., Enon; $114,000.

Allen J. and Anne M. Brewer to Robbin R. Gaugler, 5131 Melvina St., Fairborn; $50,000.

Gregory L. Brown to Tammy Flora and David Flora Jr., 3920 Kimberly Dr., Springfield; $121,000.

James and Patricia Hodge to James Hodge, 1937 Sierra Ave., Springfield; no fee.

James Hodge to Eric J. and Leslie D. Roseberry, 1937 Sierra Ave., Springfield; $142,900.

John M. Zornes to Kimberly A. Elliott and Donald A. Harrington, 6567 Clymer Road, Mechanicsburg; $54,000.

John P. Vollmer III and Mildred A. Vollmer, Trustees, to John P. Vollmer III and Mildred A. Vollmer, 3005 E. Leffel Lane, Springfield; no fee.

Glenn W. and Ruth A. Boyd to Ruth A. Boyd, 1892 Crabill Road, Springfield; no fee.

Ruth A. Boyd to Ruth A. Boyd and Susan Ferryman, 1892 Crabill Road, Springfield; no fee.

Janet M. Lethcoe to Susan A. Burk, 2036 Providence Ave., Springfield; $56,000.

Marjorie L. Johnson to Lynn and Jeffery LeValley, 3230 Woonsocket St., Springfield; $92,000.

Leslie Anne Badger to Cornell Group LLC, 1007 Torrence Dr., Springfield; $52,100.

Charlene M. Aper to Rek Holdings LLC, 1918 W. High St., Springfield; $22,500.

Jeffrey R. and Sheryl D. Tincher to Shanda Brown, 2108 Gerald Dr., Springfield; $14,500.

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