Readers share the ‘Powerful Woman’ in their lives

Bowled over like speeding train just came whizzing right through my front door.

That’s what I am.

You did it.

You, Dear Reader.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you my thoughts of what I think a powerful woman really is.

How Forbes Magazine was so out of whack with its list of the “100 Most Powerful Women In The World,” which is chock-full of CEO’s, billionaires and celebrities.

Your responses to my column have been amazing, inspiring, jaw-dropping, smile-inducing stories of the powerful women in your life.

No wonder you and I get along so well.

You sent not a single mention of a woman to be found in a boardroom, on a reality show or with a kajillion dollars in her bank account.

After all, we are talking power.

Real power.

If they gave me every page of today’s paper, I just might be able to share all your responses.


Please know that I have read every single one and loved each one.

Just a few that stood out to me:

Pat Smith writes, “The most powerful woman I know is my dear friend, Marilynn, who has had two kidney transplants, numerous skin cancer surgeries, and is currently battling a rare form of bone cancer. She does this with humor and determination. She is just plain old awesome.“

John Bender has powerful women on both ends of the age spectrum. His 97-year-old mother is “always smiling and has a good day EVERY day. Even in her walker she holds the door open for people, if needed.” And John’s granddaughter was a preemie, arriving eight weeks early at just over three pounds. Now, she’s ”an alert, happy 8 month old who misses NOTHING!”

John also sung the praises of his wife, his daughter, his sister-in-law, and two women he works with!

Carole Rachlin tells me I can count her in as one more powerful woman. She is an ovarian and breast cancer survivor, who says, “If you want to experience truly powerful women spend just one day with me when I get chemo. The women I meet are the bravest and most uplifting role models I know, as are my chemo nurses.”

Ruth Parsons has challenges. Big challenges. Chief among them is trying to pare down her “Most Powerful Women” list. Ruth lives in awe of the amazing women who supported her in her multiple support groups.

Thank you, Dear Reader, for sharing your Powerful Woman with me.

Please tell her for me, how awesome I think she is, how her power is truly what makes our world go round.

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