Missing Beggar’s Night? Oh my!

Halloween usually comes early for our family. We live in a county that holds “Beggars Night” on the Saturday before the spooky holiday.

Thus, when Oct. 31 rolls around, it isn’t nearly as exciting. It is just another school night.

This year, however, we were out of town on Beggar’s Night. And being that our school district wasn’t able to hold Halloween parties this year, our kids were doubly devastated.

“What do you mean we will miss trick-or-treating?”

“We can’t dress up?”

“I wanna be Shark Boy!”

Our solution to this problem? Take the kids trick-or-treating in another county on Halloween. We opted to drive the kids an hour from home to beg for treats with their cousins.

While we were out of town, I perused Facebook and looked at pictures of my friend’s children all dressed up — and bundled up — for Beggar’s Night.

“Look, kids! It’s cold in Ohio. I’m glad we are trick-or-treating Thursday instead.”

Add this to the list of Things To Never Say Out-loud.

Upon our return to Ohio, the weather forecast was looking ominous.

I contacted my brother, “Has trick-or-treat been rescheduled?”

Nope. It was on.

We loaded up the kids, their costumes and goody-bags and headed south.

The clouds continued to roll in, but this didn’t deter anyone under the age of, say 34, from chasing down some chocolate.

As we paraded our two fairies, a dragon, a ninja and The Scream down the street, the heavens opened up; wings became floppy, candy became sticky, the ground became slippery and the fairies became whiny, but we trudged on.

Needless-to-say, trick-or-treaters weren’t out in great numbers: their parents perhaps a little more sane — and dry — than us. This resulted in people dumping large handfuls of candy in our kids’ loot bags.

So, we were soaked, cold, sugared-up and hoping someone dressed like Noah would pick us up in a big boat.

He never came, but about 45-minutes into the soggy event, a Knight In Shining (Under) Armor riding (driving) an iron (steel?) horse magically appeared.

Our hero, all warm and dry: it was Daddy to the rescue.

The dragon and fairies flew into the van while the ninja and Scream jumped in and out from house to house; no way were they missing the full-size candy bars in this neighborhood because I – I mean “they” — had earned them.

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