DIY Under $10: Monogram Wreath

I love the reds, oranges, yellows and greens that come out with the fall weather and love to bring these colors to my decorating this time of year. Rather than doing a traditional wreath to decorate my door for the fall weather, I choose to mix it up and create a decoration that costs just $9.99, but adds more personality to my autumn decorations.

You Will Need:

Items I purchased:

• 1 large wooden letter — $5.99 at JoAnn Fabrics

• 4 bunches of fake fall leaves — $1 per bunch at Dollar Tree

Items I already had:

• Glue gun

• Glue sticks

• Scissors

• Burlap ribbon


1. Cut a strip of ribbon long enough to hang your letter from the door. Tie it into a knot around the top of your letter and make sure the knot is to the back of your letter.

2. Use your scissors and remove the leaves from the stems of your fake branches. When buying your leaves, look for a good variety of colors and patterns to add different depths to your letter.

3. Begin gluing your leaves onto your letter. It is OK to wrap some completely around the edges of your letter so the wood doesn’t show, but for the most part, just place your glue along the veins of the leaves. By not gluing your leaves completely down, you allow them to curl and look more natural on your letter.

4. Continue to glue and overlap your leaves until your entire letter is covered and you are happy with the look. You will want to also cover the ribbon so that it is not show over your leaves.

5. Add any additional leaves to make the piece visually pleasing.

6. Once you are happy with the look of your letter, hang it on your door using the ribbon and enjoy the monogrammed piece that welcomes all of your guests with a little fall festivities.

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