Grab a slice, it’s National Pizza Week

Super Bowl Sunday in early February guarantees action.

Since 1987 the second week of January has marked National Pizza Week — one of the country’s favorite dishes.

Bumenfeld and Associates that pizza sales are responsible for more than $30 billion in sales each year with an estimated 3 billion pies sold annually. With more than 65,000 pizzerias scattered across the U.S., the business accounts for nearly 17 percent of all restaurants, according to Food Industry News.

This may be the week that honors the classic dish, but early February will mark the busiest day of the year for businesses dealing in pizza. Super Bowl Day has often seen record sales for major pizza chains.

And the sales don’t even come close to reflecting the number of pizzas that are made in homes across the country.

Like many other retailers, Eric. C. Kohl, regional partner of Dewey’s Pizza, has seen the growth of Dewey’s continue to increase along the same lines as the nation’s appetite. Dewey’s, which is based in Cincinnati, opened its first store in Oakley in 1998 with founder Andrew DeWitt at the helm. Since then it has grown to 16 robust locations with two additional locations expected to open this summer near Columbus (in Worthington) and Dayton (in Centerville).

The company prides itself on fresh recipes, fresh service and fresh ingredients.

“We are a full-service family-friendly upscale pizzeria restaurant. We offer hand-tossed stone-baked New York style pizzas, tossed gourmet salads, draft hand-crafted micro-brews and boutique wines by the glass or bottle,” said Kohl. “We make our own dough and use only the freshest gourmet ingredients. In fact, our company does not own a freezer … All of our signature salad dressings are made in house.”

Dewey’s approach to fresh, gourmet creations includes finding ingredients that are as locally sourced as possible, including Izzo’s Pepperoni (Columbus), Wassler Italian Sausage (Cincinnati), Millers Amish Chicken (Indiana), The Bonbonerie (Cincinnati) and Tina’s Yummies (Columbus). The restaurants also offer beers exclusively made by Mt. Carmel Brewing Co. out of Cincinnati and exclusive wines produced by Adam Lee of Siduri & Novy Family Wines of California.

Kohl’s favorites Dewey’s pizzas include the Edgar Allan Poe — made with olive oil, fontina and mozzarella cheeses, fresh mushrooms, whole roasted garlic, Greek kalamata olives, goat cheese with diced tomatoes and parsley added after it emerges piping hot from the oven. The Green Lantern Pizza is also a popular item, with red sauce, minced garlic, light mozzarella cheese, fresh mushrooms, artichokes, pesto and goat cheese.

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