February good for deals at stores

It’s February, and a lot of people are still short of cash after the holidays. But if you have a little money in your life, there are some real deals to be had this month.

We are at a point of seasonal change with what people buy. We’re beginning to see more patio furniture and outdoor stuff taking over retail space. So anything that’s considered “winter” is going unloved.

Think of clothing. I managed so far to damage two winter coats this year during my Habitat for Humanity builds. So I need a new thick winter jacket. Lucky me, I’m seeing inexpensive deals on winter coats that have gone on clearance. That only intensifies from here.

The Wall Street Journal reports shoes are a deal right now, too.

What else is a deal? Anything left over from the January white sales. And tools are a real bargain, too.

Looking ahead, the next few months will bring a couple of deals you need to know about.

For example, if you wait until May to buy an iPad Mini, you’ll be rewarded by striking at the right time in the Apple production schedule.

If you’re shopping for a cellphone, then you will find that some of the best deals happen in March. That’s probably because it’s right around the time of new model introductions.

I’ve ordered the Google Nexus 4, which techies say is among the best cell phones in the world, if not the best. It’s sold noncontract for $299, making you a free agent. Check it out at Play.Google.com.

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