DIY under $10: water bottle toy for dogs

Have pets barking up the fun tree.

They say that dog is man’s best friend. Well, then treat a dog like the best dog around with this inexpensive and fun toy.

It takes just minutes to make and it only costs $2.93.

This project requires no sewing and can be done with the help of children.

You will need:

Items I purchased:

• Scraps of fleece fabric — $2.93 at Hobby Lobby

Items I already had:

• Scissors

• Empty water bottle


1. Most fabric stores have bins of scrap fabrics. Dig through your area bin and find a fleece fabric that you like. The scrap I found ended up being about one yard of fabric, but you will only need a portion of this to make one toy. You can use the extra for additional toys or you can hold on to it for a future pet project.

2. Remove the lid and all labels from your water bottle. Make sure your bottle is dry before starting the project.

3. Take your fleece and, if you need to, cut it down to about a 1-feet-by-2-feet rectangle.

4. Cut two small strips of fleece from the shorter end of your piece.

5. Place your water bottle along one edge and wrap the fleece around it long ways.

6. Once your bottle has been rolled, use your two strips of fleece to tie up each of the ends. When you are done your toy will look like a Tootsie Roll.

7. Starting with one end, take the extra fabric on the end of your toy and cut it into strips so it looks like fringe. Make sure to not cut too far. You want all of your fringe to stay on the outside of where you tied up each side. Do this step again with the other end.

8. Take your fringe and start tying the pieces together to create knots. Not only does this give the toy more durability, but it also secures your fringe into place. Continue tying knots until every piece of fringe has been tied to another piece. Do this same step on the other end.

9. Once your fringe has been secured you are ready to go. Dogs love the sounds of the water bottle and can’t get enough of the fringe on the outside of the toy. You will have hours of fun with a toy that just took minutes to make.

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