Cedar Point: another spring, another major coaster

The GateKeeper ride will greet visitors.The park in Sandusky opens May 11.

Cedar Point has had 143 years to refine their business, becoming one of the premiere amusement parks in the country.

The park will open on May 11 for its 144th season with more than $30 million in upgrades and accolades from visitors, industry insiders and trade publications including being voted the Best Amusement Park in the World for 15 consecutive years by the readers of Amusement Today.

The latest addition to the park is GateKeeper, a wing-coaster sporting a record 4,164 feet of track with the longest drop (165 feet), tallest inversion (170 feet), the most inversions (six) and fastest speed (up to 67 mph) of any wing coaster.

Designed by Swiss roller coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard, Monthey, the 16th roller coaster to greet visitors at the park will provide 2 minutes and 40 seconds of thrills with each ride. GateKeeper will take guests on six inversions and roll through the two keyholes, flying directly over an estimated 3 million guests who are expected to enter the park this year.

“GateKeeper’s world-record-breaking statistics, incredible flying maneuvers and special elements make it a unique coaster experience,” stated Cedar Point General Manager John Hildebrandt. “GateKeeper is a roller coaster only Cedar Point can build and we are proud to add it to our incredible lineup of world-class attractions.”

GateKeeper represents yet another major milestone for the park. Here are some other roller coaster facts about the second oldest park in the country:

• More than 12 million pounds of concrete were used in the construction of GateKeeper.

• Each piece of GateKeeper track weighs approximately 7,500 pounds.

• Each of the four pieces that make up GateKeeper’s keyhole towers weighs about 65,000 pounds.

• GateKeeper will feature three 32-passenger trains and will be able to accommodate approximately 1,710 riders per hour.

• Cedar Point now has 50,425 feet of roller coaster track — that’s more than 10 miles.

• Riders travel at 176 feet per second (120 mph) on the Top Thrill Dragster—the fastest coaster in the park.

• The Mean Streak is made of 1.7 million board feet of treated southern yellow pine.

• More than 100 tons of nuts and 568 tons of steel were used to build Magnum XL-200.

• Cedar Point features more than 150 rides, shows and attractions across the 364 acre park.

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