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Clark County students might return to schools in wake of ECOT closure

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Motor News

Superior Acura of Dayton opens new automotive showroom

To submit your news or event for free, email Wheels at Deadline is 10 days prior to desired date of publication or event. Visit and look for the MOTOR NEWS section. Superior Acura of Dayton opens new automotive showroom Nine months after breaking ground, Superior Acura of Dayton is celebrating the grand...

Consumer Watch

Avoid damaging fuel pump, improve performance with clean gas tank

Motorists may not know much about their fuel pump but over the life of owning a vehicle, it will probably need to be replaced. One area that often gets overlooked when putting in a new fuel pump is cleaning the gas tank. The Car Care Council recommends that when it comes time to replace your fuel pump, that you have your gas tank cleaned thoroughly...

Straight Talk

Elusive engine oil help may improve fuel economy, reduce emissions

Wheels: Sue writes by email: “I have a new Camry and no one seems to carry the oil required for my engine. The owner’s manual specifies SAE 0W-16, and no shop has heard of this viscosity. They want to use SAE 0W-20 instead. My questions are where can this oil be purchased and would it be OK to use SAE 0W-20 instead of SAE 0W-016?&rdquo...

Wheels of the Month

PHOTOS: Two area companies compete to create two custom trucks

What do you get when you pit two truck modifiers against each other for a build-off? Well, it’s the Main Event; at least that’s what Germian Ford of Beavercreek called their recent online competition. “We wanted to do something fun, and pick-up truck build-offs are kind of popular right now,” explained John Martin, sales manager...

Wheels News to Know

The disappearing stick shift in US cars

SAN DIEGO — At auto shows like recent one in San Diego, so much says “new and shiny” it’s easy to miss what’s old and disappearing. Like manual transmissions. Fewer than 3 percent of cars sold in the U.S. these days have stick shifts and clutch pedals, and nowhere was that trend more obvious than at the San Diego International...