Nicole Kidman spits out Giada’s food during a cooking segment with Ellen

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This has to be the most awkward segment ever taped on “Ellen.”

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Nicole Kidman and Giada appeared as guests on Ellen’s show this week. At the end of the show, Giada, a star chef on The Food Network, showed Ellen and Nicole how to prepare a few dishes.

It seems like nothing went right during the segment.

As Giada rushed to teach Ellen and Nicole how to prepare the dishes, Nicole kept interrupting Giada when she spoke.

Ellen even called her out on it.

“Every time she starts to talk, you turn to me and tell me something!” Ellen told Nicole.

Even Ellen’s producer couldn’t handle the chaos that was unfolding on stage. By the end of the segment, he was covering his face and sitting down.

At one point, Kidman took a bite out of food that had been sitting out for several hours. After a few moments, she spit it out awkwardly into her hand apparently disgusted.

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The audience didn’t seem to mind the train wreck of a segment, however. They could be heard laughing loudly as they watched.

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