Don’t let sad sack crowd bring you down: Arkansas can and should beat Butler

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“If you start out depressed, everything is kind of a pleasant surprise.”

The great (and fictional) Lloyd Dobler is right. He is, of course, talking about Diane Court. She’s just broken our protagonist’s heart and he, into a voice recorder, said it’s better to aim low. If you don’t allow yourself to get too high, you don’t have to worry about crashing down.

What, you might ask, does this have to do with Arkansas sports? Or for the sad lot: What in the world are you even blathering about? I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand, dude. Arkansas fans do this.

Some do. To be fair, some fans of every team do this. I have been guilty of it, too. If you come out and say, “Pff, we’ll be lucky to win a game, even. Forget Sweet 16,” you are one of those types of fans, not only because you used “we,” but because it’s easier on the emotions.

No one’s blaming here. No one’s criticizing. But a lot more of these types of fans have come out of the woodwork in recent days. Ever since Arkansas’ NCAA Tournament opponent, Butler, was announced.

The Razorbacks are the No. 7 seed. Butler is a 10 seed. The Bulldogs are favored, but only by about a point, depending on which betting outfit one prefers. It’s close enough in Las Vegas, it’s practically a toss-up. But it seems like, in some online circles, Arkansas would need a miracle to win.

Oh, pish-tosh. Butler isn’t only beatable, it’s a wholly unintimidating team. Arkansas has more impressive wins than Butler does. So what, yes, the Bulldogs beat Villanova this season. Definitely, that is better than anything Arkansas has done.

You know what else? They’re 0-6 against every other ranked opponent they have played.

“Arkansas isn’t ranked,” those sad will remark. True. The idea isn’t that Butler can’t beat ranked teams. It’s that Butler struggles against good teams. Arkansas is a good team. Mike Anderson has proven it time and again.

So, yeah, maybe Arkansas does lose Friday afternoon. Don’t let those sad sacks convince you of it, though. Be that way if you want to be, not because of an emoting fan and his or her downtrodden attitude is swaying you.

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Quit it: Arkansas baseball is not ‘disappointing’

As recently as Tuesday night, and definitely Sunday against Kent State, social media was buzzing with the looney takes that Arkansas was disappointing so far this season in baseball. They’re the sorts of takes that draw eye rolls and non-replies from anyone who gets baseball.

Arkansas most definitely is not disappointing. The Razorbacks just swept Texas, for crying out loud. Pay close enough attention and you will see that, lo and behold, this is a top 10 baseball team. Some polls have the Diamond Hogs as top 5 in the country. In no possible scenario is that disappointing.

Nit-pickers might come at me with a response to the tweet you will see at the bottom. In it I took a screenshot of my preseason Razorbacks prediction for what record the team would have at this point in the season. Had Arkansas 14-3. The Diamond Hogs are 13-4. One game off through 17. Batting at a pretty high clip, if you’ll pardon the pun.

If you want to call one game below predicted disappointing, fine. If you want to say Arkansas baseball has fallen in the rankings from the preseason, fine. Telling you, though, that seems a pretty miserable existence.

These Diamond Hogs are good, perhaps great, heading into SEC play.


Tweets and the like

• Mike Anderson’s closet flames. My man isn’t the best-dressed coach in the SEC for nothin’.

• Remember the time coach Bret Bielema did this in a photograph and then claimed he had some sort of tic? Hilarious.

• See? Something about beating Texas, even for the youngsters.

• This is the tweet mentioned above.

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