Youth basketball coach blocks own player's shot

When this coach says “no,” he means it. Emphatically.

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In a video that is making the rounds on social media, a youth basketball coach is exhorting his team to take a shot. One of his players takes a pass, and instead of shooting, begins dribbling the wrong way toward the other basket.

The coach screams “noooo!” and then takes matters into his own hands. As the player prepares to make a layup, the coach swoops in for a savage block that would make any NBA player proud.

The video made its way to the internet, where it is drawing plenty of interest. There is no information about where the game took place and when it happened, but the player who suffered the tomahawk block and fell to the ground on the play is probably glad he is remaining anonymous for now.
But that was some great defense on the coach’s part. And a lesson learned by his player.

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