Polar bear kills man protecting children, reports say

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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Man Killed By Polar Bear Protecting Children, Reports Say

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Canadian man was killed protecting his children from a polar bear, according to multiple media reports. Aaron Gibbons was with his daughters at the fishing and hunting spot Sentry Island when the family was surprised by the bear, the BBC reported.

The bear started to stalk or charge at the girls when Gibbons stepped between the children and the bears, the BBC reported.

Gibbons was not armed, the CBC reported. He told his daughters to run to their boat, The Star reported. They got to the safety of the vessel and called for help on the radio, telling family members on the other end what was happening as the bear killed Gibbons.

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He was pronounced dead at the scene, The Star reported.

The bear was shot and killed, the CBC reported.

"Definitely Aaron died a hero. He protected his children," Gibbons cousin, Eric Anoee, told the CBC.

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